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It's censorship run amok.  Under threat of termination,
teachers are told never to mention intelligent design.

Students at Risk

An agnostic professor targets incoming freshmen to
undermine their faith.  A common scenario, but with
a twist.


Does this theory contradict science?

Evolution 101

Kirk Cameron compares creation to evolution explaining
each and the glaring flaws of the latter.

Evolution vs. God

While visiting the world of academia, Ray Comfort asks
some probing questions.

Coexistence ?

Did man and dinosaur coexist?  Did they live at the same
time?  The evolutionist says no, but the facts say yes.

The Dino's Demise

Whatever happened to the dinosaur?  They've disappeared,
but where'd they go?  What caused their extinction?  Aliens?
Asteroids?  Indigestion?

Grand Canyon

Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't the Colorado River
that carved the Grand Canyon, nor did it take millions of
years.  Dr. Grady McMurtry explains.

The Case for a Creator

In his relentless search for the truth, this certified agnostic,
Lee Strobel, is persuaded by the evidence and converts
to Christianity.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

An astounding documentary presenting the scientific case
for creation based on recent discoveries in biochemistry,
genetics, and molecular biology.

The Privileged Planet

Earth is in the exact spot conducive for life.  Perhaps
the only spot in our galaxy where life is even possible.


A sudden change that defies the evolutionary mindset.

The Bombardier Beetle

Nope, he never toured with Ringo, Paul, George or John,
but this little Beetle has its own claim to fame.

The Greatest Evidence

The greatest evidence for creation is creation itself . . . .
Behold and believe.

Hydroplate Theory

True, a theory is just a theory, but some have special merit.
Being compatible with both geology and the Scripture, this
one's worth a peek.


Scientists are ecstatic, but how do ya retrieve a boat that's
encased in ice at 14,000 feet above sea level ?