Board Election 2020 - part 2

Now is the time for annual board member elections!

This election is for approximately half the board members to be elected to a 4 year term. (The other part of the board, part 1, will be elected to a 2 year term, during this transitional election of 2020, in order to accommodate staggered elections every 2 years in the future, for 4 year terms, so that all the board will not be re-elected in a single election. All elections following 2020  - 2022, 2024, etc. - will be for approximately one half the board, and for 4 year terms.)


To confirm existing board members for another 4 year term, please select those members using the checkbox beside their names, enter the code phrase, then click Vote.

NOTE: To actually vote, you will need the code phrase, supplied to board members only. (Only board members can vote in this election.)

Also, current officers are not included in the election, since their term is not expiring.

Polls will remain open for 2 weeks.

Be sure to vote in part 1 ( also; this is only part 2!


Mike Smith
100% (9 votes)
Chris Singer
100% (9 votes)
Doug Sharp
100% (9 votes)
Dan Reynolds
100% (9 votes)
Bruce Malone
100% (9 votes)
Charles Jackson
100% (9 votes)
Cheri Fields
100% (9 votes)
Jerry Bergman
100% (9 votes)
Stan Lutz
89% (8 votes)
Total votes: 9

Maximum choices: 

After poll is closed