Hydroplate Conference - Sep 2023 online!

Hydroplate conference
Thu, Sep 21, 2023

The conference is past now, but more information is at the Hydroplate site. This information is archived for historical purposes.

Recordings of presentations are posted there. 

Downloadable flyers about the conference:

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The videos have been archived at https://hydroplate.org so you can come back and watch them any time. If you were not available for the conference, go ahead and watch the presentations at your convenience.

The registration form will ask you to fill in a donation amount. This is completely up to you, but the suggested donation is $20 per email address ($10 for students).



NOTE: You can download this as a PDF by using the "View PDF" link at the bottom of the page.

Each session (except for the evening presentations) will have about 40 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of Q & A.

Thursday evening, Sept 21:

7:00-8:30 PM EST    “Overview of Hydroplate Theory” (Brian Lauer)

                  Brian will do a quick overview of what is in the Hydroplate Theory section of Dr. Walt Brown’s book “In The Beginning; Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.” This will be a great help to those who are new to the theory. (If you miss this talk, please make sure you catch the first session on Friday (Initial Conditions), and the “Horror of the Flood” video on Saturday.) Even those already familiar with HPT will enjoy this overview and Brian’s enthusiasm for how well the theory dovetails with what we read in the Bible. (Brian will be our emcee for the rest of the event.)

Friday, Sept 22:

3:00-3:50 PM EST   “Understanding HPT’s Initial Conditions, and Answers to Common Objections”  (Brian Lauer)

        HPT makes some assumptions about the pre-Flood conditions of the earth, the moon, and the solar system. Every theory has assumptions underlying it, and in this session we’ll take a close look at those of HPT. We’ll also review some objections that are commonly raised (both with initial conditions and the theory in general) and see how most of them arise from misunderstandings or from a lack of knowledge about the theory.

3:00-3:50 PM EST   “Potential Solution for Formation of Land Created During Creation Week” (Harold Gilbert)

        This session is designed for those who already have some familiarity with HPT. Harold will propose a potential solution for the formation of land produced during Creation week, taking into account the water that HPT assumes was below the crust. Gravity’s distribution along Earth’s latitude influences the formation of land that is biased around the equator. The amount of land that rises above sea level depends almost exclusively on the ratio of the water volume below the firmament to the water volume above it. Land biased around the equator matches many aspects of the pre-flood world and has many benefits for life to flourish.

4:00-4:50 PM EST    “Hydroplate Theory in the Oceans” (Matthew Welborn)

        This session will go over some of the important facets of the Dr. Brown’s chapter on how our current oceans formed, and where all the Flood water went. The surface of the ocean floor has many strange features that are best explained by a bulging mantle and by sliding hydroplates.

5:00-5:50 PM EST   “Exploring the Mysteries of Limestone with HPT” (Ellen McHenry)

        This session will focus on HPT’s suggested solution for the problems associate with limestone formation. Much of the world’s limestone appears to be inorganic, but other theories don’t have adequate mechanisms for producing limestone without releasing vast volumes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and oceans. One of the mechanisms that might have been involved in creating not only limestone but also other sedimentary strata was liquefaction. (Other forces and mechanisms were also likely involved in forming the strata, but we will only have time to look at liquefaction in this session.)  
This session will give you a link to a free ebook titled: “Exploring the Mysteries of Limestone with HPT.”

6:00-6:50 PM EST    “Puzzle on the Plateau” video field trip to Grand Canyon, hosted by Mike Snavely (pre-recorded, not live)

        This professional quality video will take you on location to the Grand Canyon to experience an overview of Dr. Brown’s amazing explanation for some of the most enigmatic features found in this part of the country. If you enjoy this video, please consider purchasing a copy at MissionImperative.com. This will help Mike Snavely continue to make fabulous creation science videos. (Those new to HPT should choose to attend this session at this time.)

6:00-6:50 PM EST    “New Frontiers in HPT”  

        This is a (moderated) open discussion for those already very familiar with HPT. Dr. Brown did an amazing amount of work for three decades and covered many topics, but the earth is a big place, and so is the solar system, so there are many topics still left to explore. Also, new data is always coming in. Do you have ideas, suggestions, comments, on particular topics that might make interesting research topics for future HPT research? We’ll start the session with several of our own suggestions, but then open the floor for you to toss your own ideas into the ring.

8:00-9:30 PM EST   “The Origin of Continental Radioactivity” (Joshua Spencer)

        This session will provide an overview of Dr. Brown’s chapter on a possible origin of continental radioactivity. Dr. Spencer is the person who introduced Dr. Brown to this area of research, so who better to lead this session?! We’ll find out some possible reasons why radioactivity in the earth’s crust is preferentially found in granite, and is most concentrated in areas that have experienced much compression. This talk will be targeted to a general audience (no previous knowledge required) but those who have experience in this area of science are welcome to come with good questions for the Q&A. Questions from those with nuclear science or chemistry backgrounds will be prioritized.

Saturday, Sept 23:

1:00-1:50 PM EST    “The Usefulness and the Problems of Geophysical Computer Modeling” (Fred Williams)

        Fred has years of experience working with computer modeling, so his thoughts on this topic carry a lot of weight. He will share with us the dangers of basing a flood theory (or any geophysical theory) almost entirely on a computer model, and explain to us why this is so. (The favored flood model of the major creation groups relies heavily on one computer model.)

1:00-1:50 PM EST    “Horror of Flood” movie (an overview of HPT) hosted by Mike Snavely (pre-recorded, not live)

        This video presentation is another chance to get the big picture of HPT, as host Mike Snavely summarizes the HPT theory of what caused the global flood--where all the water came from, and then where it all went. He makes use of professional graphics and animations to show the mechanisms Dr. Brown wrote about in his book. If you enjoy the video, consider purchasing a copy at Mike’s website: MissionImperative.com.

2:00-2:50 PM EST   “Problems with Plate Tectonics” (Fred Williams)

        This session will be a summary of a new book titled “20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics.” There are actually many more than 20 reasons, but we’ll hit the major ones in this session. The push-back to PT started in the early 1970s, right after PT was formulated, but mainstream geology has managed to marginalize and cancel the objectors. However, with the Internet, this information is becoming more available and the number of objectors is growing. (Be forewarned that some well-known and beloved creation scientists are among those who won’t open their eyes to these obvious problems.) You will receive a free digital copy of this book as part of this session.

3:00-3:50 PM EST   “The Origin of Comets” (Kevin Lea)

        Kevin is a comet enthusiast. You will enjoy his brief guided tour through the solar system as we learn what comets are made of and see the interesting characteristics of their orbits. Astronomers are shocked whenever new data about comets comes in, but HPT advocates are not at all surprised. The new data usually aligns very well with what HPT predicts. Comets are one of the best pieces of evidence that the fountains of the great deep really did spew water and debris into space.

4:00-4:50 PM EST    “The Origin of Asteroids and Their Connection to the Features of the Moon” (Doug McBurney)

        The moon has many mysterious features that astronomers struggle to explain. If Dr. Brown is reasonably correct in his assertions that debris from the earth hit the moon, many of these features can be accounted for. Doug will discuss some of the major features of both the near side and far side of the moon and explain how the fountains of the great deep might have helped to create them. HPT advocates were excited when, several years ago, astronomers announced that they had found the “oldest earth rock ever recored”-- on the moon!  How can this be? HPT has answers!

5:00-5:50 PM EST   “Trans-Neptunian Objects” (Robert Brown)

        Dr. Brown is well qualified to address this topic, having published papers about TNOs in prestigious professional journals. He will do an overview of what TNOs are, discuss the strange particulars about their orbits, and then show us how this information fits with HPT’s idea about what happened to much of the water and rock debris that was launched from the earth. Astronomers might be surprised at the data about TNOs coming in from research satellites, but HPT advocates are not.

6:00-7:00 PM EST   Open Q & A

        Have a question from any previous session that we did not have time to answer? A new question? In this session we will have several panelists who can hopefully provide you with an answer, or at least explain why we don’t know the answer.

8:00-9:30 PM EST   “Earthquakes” (Kevin Lea)

        Kevin will close us out with a discussion of HPT’s ideas for how earthquakes work. Moving plates don’t cause earthquakes‑-earthquakes cause plates to shift. Earthquakes likely have their origin deep in the highly fractured mantle. The mantle could well be experiencing a runaway cycle of fracturing, melting, and more fracturing, that could easily end up producing very large earthquakes, possibly the ones that Jesus spoke about as signs of the end times. We’ll learn HPT’s explanation for how and why earthquakes occur and whether they will ever be predicted. We’ll end with the words of Christ telling us not to fear, even if the mountains fall into the heart of the sea. The Lord reigns!