Our Mission

Creation Summit: confronting evolution where it thrives the most, at universities and seminaries!

We may have been banned from the classroom, but banned does not mean silenced. By booking the speakers and renting the facilities on or near college campuses, we can and still do have an impact for proclaiming the truth of science and the Bible.

Our Strategy

Creation Summit is visiting college and university campuses through-out the country, bringing world renowned scientists before the students. Modern sciences from astronomy to genetics have shown that Darwin’s story is no longer even a feasible theory. It just does not work. It is only a matter of getting the word out to the next generation. So we work with local Creation groups and schedule a seminar with highly qualified scientists with tangible evidence as speakers. Many of these scientists were once evolution believers, but their own research convinced them that evolution is not viable. Students, many for the first time ever, are discovering that the Bible is true – that science and Genesis are in total agreement. And, if Genesis 1:1 can be trusted, so can John 3:16.

Creation Truth Conference

Creation Truth Conference

Oct 8-9, 2021 More about the conference...

The Friday debate and the Saturday conference deal with whether we should take Genesis chapters 1-4 literally and simply as they were originally understood, or whether we should attempt to meld the Scripture's account of creation with evolutionism. More can be found here and here.

Note: The conference is now past, and this information is archived.

You can Register for the conference here!



From the first grade on our children are brainwashed with the Darwinian dogma while the state refuses any mention of Creation whatsoever. Though all the evidence supports Creation, that evidence has been swept under the rug and hidden from view.

Tired of Preaching to the Choir?

The campus events are called Summits, which is just another word for Conference. But, unlike most Creation Conferences, they're not for Creationists. Well, not just Creationists. They're for everyone. For everyone everywhere, and especially the students. We're reaching the unreached. After paying for books and tuition, the students have little left over. A minor charge is made to cover some costs, but not all. So please, help. It's your faithful prayers and support that make this all possible. We couldn't do it without you.

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