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Sat, Nov 10, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: The conference is now over, and registration is closed.

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Nov. 10, 2018 – Origins Truth Conference Summary

“Science is the search for truth, that is the effort to understand the world” – Linus Pauling

This conference will investigate current aspects of science and its relationship to Creation.


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Parking and Lunch Maps

A map of the conference location to help with parking and potential lunch locations is online for your convenience at this page: 1

Conference Schedule

Saturday  8am – Doors Open for registration. Free coffee and water available.

                 9amDr. John Sanford -“Genetic Entropy: The status of Gene Mutation”

               10amDr. Russell Humphreys - “Planetary Magnetic Fields and Their Implications”

          11:15amBreakout Sessions -  see options below, from which to choose during registration 1

          12:15pm –  Lunch /  Resource table open

            1:15pmDr. Peer Terborg - “The Illusion of Common Descent”

            2:30pmBreakout Sessions -  see options below, from which to choose during registration 1

            3:45pmPanel Discussion and Group Q&A

                 5pm – close of conference

Primary Conference Speakers

Dr. John Sanford:  As a Cornell University professor, John has been conducting genetic research for over 30 years. This research has resulted in more than 100 scientific publications, and several dozen patents. John is presently President of Logos Research Associates, and President of Feed My Sheep Foundation. He is also known as the inventor of the “Gene Gun”, but is also well known for his landmark book: “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome” which demonstrates that human DNA is deteriorating at an alarming rate. He is also the author of “Contested Bones” released in 2017.

Dr. Russell Humphreys is an award winning physicist, now retired from Sandia National Laboratories. He has worked in advanced physics, geophysics, pulsed-power research, and theoretical atomic and nuclear physics. In 1985, he began working with Sandia’s ‘Particle Beam Fusion Project’, and was co-inventor of special laser-triggered ‘Rimfire’ high-voltage switches, now coming into wider use. Dr Humphreys has published some 20 papers in secular scientific journals. In the 1980’s, he along with many other physicists were making predictions in print about the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune. When Voyager 2 arrived there in 1986 and sent back data, Dr. Humphreys’ predictions were the only correct ones. Other predictions were off by factors of 100,000 to a million.

Dr. Peter Borger (a.k.a. Peer Terborg) is an advanced researcher in gene expression. He worked for several leading academic science institutes, including the University of Groningen (Netherlands), the University of Sydney (Australia) and the University of Basel (Switzerland). An authority on molecular biology of gene expression and signal transduction networks, Dr. Borger has published over 50 articles in leading international journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. He is now working on the non-protein coding part of the genome, how it is shaping the regulatory genome and how it may contribute to complex diseases, including asthma, COPD and cancer. He is the author of “Darwin Revisited”.

Breakout Sessions

1) Contested Bones: How related are Apes and Humans? – presented by Dr. John Sanford of Logos Research Associates. Dr. Sanford will present his intense review of the prominent artifacts that are used to indicate the existence of ‘apemen’ – transitional species between apes and humans. He will include his own published review of the ‘waiting problem’ – how long it takes for Chimp DNA to mutate into human DNA through random mutations.

2) A Straightforward look at the Origins Debate – by Dave Greear, BSEE, M. Div., D. Min. Most everyone has probably heard the pronouncement from the evolutionary establishment that “Evolution is empirical science while creation is merely religion.” Is evolution really more scientific than creation and creation more religious than evolution? Dave will discuss these questions by defining “science” and examining the role of one’s presuppositions in the creation-evolution debate. He will also examine both the evolutionary model and the Biblical creation model of origins and compare them SCIENTIFICALLY to determine which model better explains the present evidence.

3) Scientific Evidence that Point to a Creator – by Dan W Reynolds, PhD (organic chemistry). Is the universe a cosmic quantum accident or was it created for a purpose? Can information rich organisms spontaneously emerge from chemistry? What story does the human genome reveal about our origins? Are we just sophisticated animals or something more? We will discuss the origin of the universe, the fine tuning of physics, the origin of life, the fossil record, the origin of humans, worldviews and morality.

4) Significant evidence for a young earth – by Dr. Russ Humphreys. This sessions will review several evidences from empirical science that indicate our planet cannot be billions of years old. There are many ways to determine the age of the earth, but Dr. Humphreys will show that the great majority indicate a young earth fits the facts far better than is commonly thought.

5) Non-Random Mutations and the New Biology – by Dr. Peter Borger. In this session, Dr. Borger will review aspects of his own research that indicates the Human Genome could not have evolved from a simple creature over time. His work that indicates that there are non-random mutations occurring as if by some ‘artificial intelligence’ code. This means we need a new understanding of Biology in the 21st century.

6) Carbon-14 and the Age of the Earth – presented by Helmut Welke, MS, of Creation Summit. Helmut will review the history of old age beliefs and how the relatively recent develop of carbon-14 dating contradicts those assumptions. Much of this C-14 information will surprise you.

7) Did Darwin Really See Evolution in Action in the Galápagos Islands? – by Mark Stephens, Master of Combined Sciences (biology, chemistry, and geology). Mark will discuss and answer questions about this topic from first-hand experience from his visit to the Galápagos Islands He will take you on a tour with exciting, beautiful pictures of and research done on the Galápagos Islands with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR).

8) Creation Cosmology – by Joe Spears, MSEE. How did God do it? What is the science of (involved in) creation? What process, or processes, explains the spiral structure of galaxies, the composition of planets, and the filamentary arrangement of stars and galaxies? How can there be light before the sun forms as Genesis 1 suggests? If the universe is young, how can we reconcile this young age with the apparent ancient ages of galaxies, and of rocks? In this session we explore a model built on work of multiple Nobel prize winners that answers these questions.

9) A Biblical Creationist Professor at NCSU - Gerald Van Dyke, PhD (Plant Pathology). As a Professor at North Carolina State University for 38 years, I will explain what I experienced being a Biblical Creationist with reference to salary and promotions, from an administration hostile to my position. I will also discuss my research that involved study of plant/fungal interactions that lead me to conclude that obligate host/parasite interactions could not have evolved as some would suggest.


Note: this conference is over now; the information below is for archival / historical purposes only.

To register online, visit 1

If you prefer to mail in a check with your form, you can use the form here: Mail in Registration Form for 2018 Origins Truth Conference. 1    Just download the form, fill it out, and mail it as described in the form itself. 1    There is no need to register with both methods! 1

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